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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Industry leader is highly respected
Committed to the application of excellent ideas, advanced technology, professional knowledge to scientific research and development, market expansion and customer service, to meet the needs of customers with quality products and services.
Pursuing excellence and winning
Xinhuafa Industry constantly pursues excellence, and has passed ISO9000 international certification and ISO14001 international certification in quality assurance system and environmental protection management system, winning the trust of customers.
Customer first, integrity first
Xinhuafa attaches great importance to cooperation with customers and strives for initiative and dedication“Win-win”“mutual benefit”Good at product design and development,The customer's idea is quickly and accurately made into a high-quality product,and the customer is kept in close contact throughout the production process to ensure that the customer's expectations are met.
Joint development of products for both parties“Win-win”,The customer received professional advice from Xinhuafa, while Xinhuafa received the latest product information.
Boutique style brand color
From the beginning of its creation, Xinhuafa has established itself.“Create a famous brand, out of the boutique”,Nowadays, PVC soft curtains made of Xinhuafa, soft, semi-rigid and crystal transparent PVC film, PVC fast doors have enjoyed fame.
PVC film brand, widely used, in addition to stationery and toys needed for daily life, can also be applied to professional products, such as four-decoration of hot boats, medical supplies, geological film, insulating tape, luminous film and fashion, handbags and so on.
Customer service strives for innovation
In the face of fierce competition in the 21st century economic global integration, Xinhuafa will continue to work hard,Take“Customer first, integrity first”Faith,Customer service,In order to innovate.
Towards a new milestone:
Master the ever-changing global market message and maintain leadership.
Constantly pursue the latest research and development, and maintain a high-quality product reputation.
Actively communicate with customers, constantly meet and strive to exceed each customer's expectations.


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